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LinMin Snapshot Manager™ 7.1 User Guide

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Using LinMin Snapshot Manager

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There are 3 ways to interface with LSM: Graphical, Command Line and Programmatic (API)



GUI: the Graphical User Interface is an intuitive way to manage most of your LSM elements (Machines, Payloads, Snapshots, Scripts, etc.)



CLI: the Command Line Interface is used to supplement the GUI (e.g., to query the database or manage Users) as well as to manage the LSM Server itself



API: the Application Programming Interface is an alternative to the GUI to programmatically control LSM functions and services. The API can used by other applications (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc.) or User-developed Scripts/apps to automate the environment. The API will be released in Q3 2019, and will be licensed as an add-on to LSM.



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LinMin Snapshot Manager (LSM) services physical x86-64 systems: discover, capture, provision, clone, roll back and optimize from bare metal as you would with virtual machines. For  x86_64/amd64 servers, blades, notebooks, PCs, etc., leveraging a combination of bare metal imaging of disks (using Clonezilla) and powerful LSM RAM Agent scripting



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