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LinMin Snapshot Manager™ 7.1 User Guide

LinMin Snapshot Manager Overview


LinMin Snapshot Manager ("LSM") is an IT infrastructure application that deploys, updates and rolls back Windows, Linux and other OSs on physical and virtual machines ("Machines") (x86-64 servers, blades, laptops, VMs, PCs, appliances…) from bare metal with unprecedented reliability and stability.


LSM lets you manage your physical Machines as you manage virtual Machines: capture and deploy a bare metal Snapshot of a Machine in a specific configuration (reference golden image), restore Machines to specific dates (roll back), deploy to groups of Machines (clone), switch workloads of any Machine or group of Machines and more.


Whether using basic LSM features to clone new servers or laptops with golden images in your department or using the full LSM capabilities including the API and scripting to optimize Machine utilization in your large data center, LSM represents a breakthrough in capabilities, ease of use and affordability.



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LSM may NOT be for you if:

You don't use Intel x86-64 (amd_64) systems

You require that LSM be installed on Windows: it is installed on RHEL or CentOS Linux

Your Machines are mission-critical and must run 24x7x365 with no redundancy: bare metal services such as imaging require that Machines be off-line for several minutes





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