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LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning (LBMP) Overview - Summer 2017

✓ Comprehensive PXE Server Suite for Bare Metal Provisioning and Bare Metal Imaging

✓ Bare Metal Provisioning: Install Linux, Windows & Hypervisors on Servers, Blades, VMs & PCs

✓ Bare Metal Imaging: Capture & Restore or Clone Linux, Windows, Mac OS, ESXi & BSD Systems

✓ Bare Metal Rescuing: Deploy a Rescue OS for Remote System Troubleshooting & Fixing

✓ Integrating: Use the GUI, or Integrate with your Applications using our API

✓ Now also Available as a Virtual Appliance!

What's new in LBMP 7?

LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning, a comprehensive and out-of-the-box ready PXE server suite, is delivered both as an OVF Virtual Appliance and as packaged software that you install on an x86-based system or virtual machine running the latest 64-bit version of either RHEL or CentOS 5.x. All required additional software components and network services are either provided or automatically downloaded, installed and configured at product installation time: DHCP, PXE, TFTP, HTTP, NFS, PostgreSQL, Samba, Iptables firewall, Web server, proxy server, etc.

Download LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning

Once you have installed LBMP or imported the LBMP Virtual Appliance, using the provided media management tools, simply upload your operating system or hypervisor ISO files and then start bare metal provisioning of Windows, Linux and ESXi payloads onto servers, blades, PCs, appliances and VMs. You can also perform bare metal imaging: capture (back up) and deploy (restore or clone) disk image payloads simply by entering a client system's network (MAC) address in the GUI and rebooting it. It's that easy!

Supported x86-64 Platforms:

Bare Metal Provisioning and Bare Metal Imaging

Bare Metal Imaging only (no provisioning)

Bare Metal Provisioning: Remotely Install Hypervisors, Windows and Linux (with or without Apps)


Bare Metal Provisioning: Select an OS or Hypervisor Payload, then Deploy to System (click to enlarge)


View all your Systems with their Current or Next OS/Hypervisor Payloads (click to enlarge)

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Bare Metal Imaging: Remotely Back Up, Restore and Clone Entire Linux and Windows Systems


Bare Metal Imaging: Select where a System's Disk Image Backup should be Stored or Retrieved From (click to enlarge)


View all your Systems with their Current or Next Disk Image Backup/Restore States (click to enlarge)

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For OEM and ISV Partners: Branded LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning


OEM example: Cisco-branded version of LBMP (click to enlarge)

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