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LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning makes it easy for IT Pros to build, deploy, re-purpose and recover Windows, Linux & ESXi Servers, Blades, PCs and VMs.

Simply complete the form below to receive an email with the download links to a free trial of LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning 6.6 "Chuck Berry" then download either Server Provisioning Virtual Appliance, an OVF virtual machine with Linux, LBMP and a trial license key pre-installed, ready to be imported into VMware ESXi, or if you prefer, download files to be installed on CentOS or RHEL 5.x.

Refer to our Quick Start Guide for installation instructions, and watch our Video Tutorials!

These downloads are for the full production versions. A license key controls the expiration date and the number of systems you can provision or image. A trial license key is built into the Virtual Appliance, and for the installable version of LBMP, request your trial license key.

If you are a customer with a valid support agreement, you are authorized to download and upgrade to the newest version. Otherwise contact us to renew your support agreement.

Coming soon: LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning 7.0. LBMP 7.0, with enhanced security, 64-bit imaging, user extensibility and many other enhancements, will also provision RHEL/CentOS 7.x, ESXi 6.x, Debian 8.x, Ubuntu 14.xx/15.xx/16.xx, Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.x/6.x/7.x, Fedora 2x and more. For more details and early access, contact us.

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