Private-Labeled LinMin Snapshot Manager for Partners

Branded LinMin Snapshot Manager for OEM and ISV Partners: Overview

Add Branded Bare Metal Provisioning and Imaging Capabilities to your Product Line in Weeks, not Years!

LinMin can provide branded products for OEM partners: leave the tracking of new operating system/hypervisor releases and idiosyncrasies, complex software development and stringent quality assurance to LinMin, while you focus on growing your revenue, increasing your marketshare and adding to your bottom line!

Let us deliver your "private-labelled" or "OEM" branded version of LinMin Snapshot Manager, where the product, documentation and software packages include your company logo, product name, copyright strings and more.

Examples of real-world, OEM-branded LinMin products and documentation


OEM example: Cisco-branded version of LinMin products (click to enlarge)


OEM example: Cisco-branded version of the LinMin's online User Guide (click to enlarge)

Benefits for OEM Partners

Using this OEM approach, your sales teams and channel partners control customer engagements and revenue results. LinMin will interact with your existing or prospective customers only in rare scenarios and only when you request it: typically during the product ramp-up phase and in rare post-sales support instances.

When you OEM from LinMin, you instantly add a much needed and proven system deployment and recovery solution to your product line, with your logo and product name throughout. Your LinMin-based branded solution integrates easily and seamlessly with your existing products (cloud management, orchestrators, systems management tools, control panels, etc.) through our robust RESTful API.

Cisco went the OEM route with LinMin, offering a Cisco-branded version of LinMin's product under the name of Cisco Server Provisioner, sold with Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud and with UCS x86-based blades and servers world-wide, using both direct sales and channel partners.

Because of our OEM focus, LinMin designed its software build, packaging, documentation, quality assurance and other processes around the ability to offer branded solutions for you, the OEM!

How LinMin works with OEM partners

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