About LinMin

LinMin is a provider of IT infrastructure software used in data centers world-wide. Its flagship product, LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning, is used to remotely install operating systems (Windows Server & Linux) and hypervisors (ESX/ESXi) on servers, blades, virtual machines, IT appliances and PCs. LBMP is used for both one-time deployments ("day zero") of new systems and regular repurposing of systems in cloud or hosting environments.

Because of LinMin's products breadth of features, ease of use and high quality, Cisco selected LinMin as its provider of bare metal provisioning and integrated LinMin's product into the Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud, sold globally.

LinMin develops and enhances its products in close cooperation with its customers. LinMin's expansive QA labs provide the physical systems and virtual machines necessary to fully qualify LinMin products used for deploying and recovering over 100 combinations of operating systems and architectures.

Led and staffed by systems management veterans, LinMin is headquartered in Belmont, with software development and QA facilities in Menlo Park, San Jose and San Rafael, CA.

LinMin Corp.
1025 Alameda De Las Pulgas, Suite 310
Belmont, CA 94002

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