News Release: LinMin Releases LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning 6.2

LinMin™ Releases LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning 6.2 with Provisioning Network Determinism

LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning 6.2 includes Re-Architected PXE Network Support and Disk Imaging Enhancements

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - March 11, 2012

LinMin, maker of award-winning IT automation software LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning™, today unveiled LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning 6.2, adding provisioning network predictability and determinism. Significant enhancements were also introduced, including higher-performance imaging and Live-Ubuntu rescue OS deployment capabilities.

Even as automation in the data center increases, systems still do become unresponsive, and Live-Ubuntu can be used to remotely troubleshoot a "dead" system by deploying into system RAM a full diagnostics and repair capability, without impacting on-disk contents. Even if the system is deemed unsalvageable without the fresh installation of an operating system, all user and application data can be extracted and saved.

"The 'low level' network used to remotely install operating systems and to image systems has historically been neglected by infrastructure deployment providers," said Laurent Gharda, CEO of LinMin Corp. “Our re-architecting of this essential sub-system now provideds determinism and predictability to the task of bring servers and blades online in data centers. Our 'Live-Ubuntu' rescue OS deployment option allows remote server diagnosis, troubleshooting and recovery."


LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning can be downloaded for a free trial.

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LinMin provides IT infrastructure deployment software for cloud, hosting and corporate data centers. LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning automates Windows, Linux and Hypervisor server provisioning and PC deployments, while LinMin Bare Metal Imaging enables Disaster Recovery and system cloning of servers, blades, PCs, appliances and virtual machines. LinMin delivers enterprise-grade IT software for use in organizations of any size with limited budgets. LinMin is based in Redwood City, Calif.

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