News Release: LinMin Supports Provisioning of ESX/ESXi Hypervisors

LinMin™ Releases Bare Metal Provisioning Support for VMware ESX and ESXi Hypervisors

LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning Extends Beyond Support for Provisioning of Operating Systems

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - June 10, 2011

LinMin, maker of award-winning IT automation software LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning™, today unveiled LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning with support for the provisioning of ESX and ESXi hypervisors.

"Cloud hosting companies need to deploy large numbers of virtualized servers, and LBMP meets this requirement head on," said Laurent Gharda, CEO of LinMin Corp. “The ability for a customer to remotely install hypervisors and operating systems from the same pane of glass, or from the same application, further streamlines the use of servers and blades to optimize the use of virtual and physical server workloads."


LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning can be downloaded for a free trial.

About LinMin

LinMin provides IT infrastructure deployment software for cloud, hosting and corporate data centers. LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning automates Windows, Linux and Hypervisor server provisioning and PC deployments, while LinMin Bare Metal Imaging enables Disaster Recovery and system cloning of servers, blades, PCs, appliances and virtual machines. LinMin delivers enterprise-grade IT software for use in organizations of any size with limited budgets. LinMin is based in Redwood City, Calif.

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