News Release: LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning 5.1

LinMin™ 5.1 Helps IT Reduce Energy and Labor Costs with "Fire and Forget" Provisioning

LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning 5.1 Simplifies the Unattended Deployment of Systems and Virtual Machines on New Platforms, adds "Green" Features and Innovative Provisioning Business Rules

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - May 14, 2008

LinMin, provider of the most cost-effective bare metal system provisioning solution available, announced significant enhancements to its popular LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning (LBMP). LBMP 5.1 includes new features to help customers reduce energy consumption and contain labor costs. With new platforms added, LBMP now supports over 50 different versions and architectures of Red Hat®, Novell®, Ubuntu®, Fedora, CentOS and Asianux® Linux®, and the most popular versions of Microsoft® Windows®.

LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning now makes it easy for IT organizations to "park" or temporarily decommission systems to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. LinMin's unique combination of rules-based bare metal installation of Linux and Windows operating systems as well as bare metal imaging for Linux blends two very different, yet complementary, technologies accessed through a single graphical user interface. Organizations can easily capture Linux disk snapshots of older, power-hungry systems for safekeeping, then deploy operating system and application stacks or "roles" onto newer, more energy-efficient hardware with the assurance that the older systems can be either reprovisioned, repurposed or re-imaged for use during peak demand periods, or used as cold standby backup systems.

LinMin has also added new business rules to accommodate IT teams required to support more systems while controlling headcount. "Fire and Forget" Provisioning gives IT professionals complete control over each system. By setting specific rules such as "always provision", "never provision", "provision only once then never provision", "boot to local disk", "capture disk image" and "restore disk image", system activities can be orchestrated ahead of time, yet changed at any time with a few mouse clicks. Every system can deterministically install and configure specific operating systems and applications, in addition to identity, network, security and other settings.

"Razor Servers and LinMin worked closely together to augment LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning with capabilities ideally suited to web hosting companies and IT organizations with heterogeneous data centers and limited personnel," said Matt Kelly, CEO of Razor Servers, a Philadelphia-based dedicated hosting company. "With LinMin's new 'fire and forget' provisioning business rules, we reduce labor costs, human error and elapsed time in getting new Linux and Windows servers online."

"With skyrocketing energy prices and shrinking IT budgets, reducing expenses is more important than ever. LinMin helps customers contain or reduce these costs," said Laurent Gharda, CEO and founder of LinMin. "LBMP 5.1 has a re-designed user interface, 'fire and forget' to complement our 'on the fly' provisioning capabilities and support for many new Linux distributions. We even have built-in support for versions of Linux that are either just now entering beta or soon will be, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2, Fedora 9, Novell SLES 10 SP2 and even SLES 11, giving customers a head start in rolling out even more energy-efficient operating systems on newer, greener hardware. LinMin is systems management-agnostic as it can install third party management agents then automatically pass control of freshly provisioned or re-purposed systems over to the customer's systems management infrastructure."


LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning can be downloaded for a free trial.

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