LinMin in the Corporate, Hosting, Cloud & IaaS Data Center

The Modern Data Center Challenge

Today's corporate, hosting, cloud and IaaS data centers are dynamic entities.

As customers or business units come, grow, shrink or disappear, servers and blades must provisioned, repurposed, reconfigured, backed up, restored, refreshed and retired. The very nature of the business requires budget-friendly automation tools, and system provisioning automation enables the dynamic data center to scale without linear resource growth.

LinMin For Your Data Center: Server Provisioning and Imaging Made Easy!

Bare Metal Server Provisioning

  • Remote, unattended installation of Operating Systems and Hypervisors: Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, SLES and Debian), Windows Server 2012/2008, VMware ESXi and KVM. LinMin makes server provisioning easy!
  • Configure your servers using post-OS installation scripting and file copying
  • Increase security by switching servers to and from a dedicated Provisioning VLAN
  • Use GUI or use the Application Programming Interface to integrate LinMin into your control panel (so customers can repurpose their systems 24/7) or Enterprise Orchestrator (so server provisioning and imaging is 100% automated)
  • Virtualization support: LinMin runs in VMs and provisions VMs
  • Extensive logging and diagnostics facilities
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Bare Metal Server Imaging

  • High speed, file system-aware, entire system backup and restore
  • Clone your server golden image to like hardware (alternative to Bare Metal Provisioning for deploying/repurposing systems)
  • Capture disk image then provision servers in a single operation
  • Virtualization enablement: convert physical server payloads to virtualized ones (P2V) by capturing a physical system image are restoring it to a virtual machine
  • Imaging function does not requires that agents be installed on each server
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LinMin in the hosting data center