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After finalizing LinMin's acquisition, Laurent Gharda founded Tech Biz Advisors in 2023.

Tech Biz Advisors offers strategic guidance and hands-on support consulting for tech business startups and scale-ups. We partner with tech execs and investors, offering project-based expertise and interim or fractional executive roles.

Leadership Profile: At the helm of Tech Biz Advisors is Laurent Gharda, a seasoned tech executive with a rich history in roles including CEO, COO, VP Marketing, and VP Sales. As a UC Berkeley CS graduate, holding several patents and with a keen understanding of AI, Laurent brings a wealth of experience and innovative thinking to the forefront of our operations.

Key Services include: Strategic Guidance & Validation, Marketing Strategy, Messaging & Positioning, Product Management, Sales Enablement, and Tailor-Made Services.

Domains of Expertise include: Systems Management and Data Center Provisioning (AI/ML, SaaS), Linux and Open Source, IoT and Device Firmware, and SaaS and On-Prem Application Software.


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